GMSTEC Intercultural Leadership Programme - November 2013

Member Activities :: GMSTEC Intercultural Leadership Programme - November 2013

by VUW | 2014-02-12 10:22:22

Our world is a changing place - a place where information and communication know no borders, and where local events have global consequences.  The welfare and security of humanity depends upon responsible action, both individual and communal. This dynamic environment requires us to be equipped with the knowledge, skills and awareness to address the challenges of tomorrow.

The GMSTEC Intercultural Leadership Programme was a 10-day, English intensive programme held at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, for 21 undergraduate students from GMSTEC.  The course was developed to provide an opportunity for students to gain a greater understanding of global and regional leadership challenges, and to enhance their intercultural and cross-cultural communication skills and understanding.  

While the students were in Wellington, they participated in a number of seminars and workshops on various topics related to leadership and global interdependence.  One of the workshops was a model APEC forum where the students practiced their public speaking and negotiation skills.  Social activities such as a Cultural Cooking Night and performances, provided an enjoyable way for students to share aspects of their home countries.  An action packed weekend involved a field trip to Rotorua, a city famous for its geothermal activity, where the students learnt about Maori culture.  Throughout the course the students had the opportunity to engage with local students from the Victoria International Leadership Programme, academic staff and members of the diplomatic community.  The programme encouraged students to reflect on the respective places of their societies in the rapidly changing Asia-Pacific region.

 “Without a doubt, this Programme is the best experience ever, and I have learnt a lot by getting to know new friends, experience new lifestyle, communication, confidence, the sense of independence and cross-cultural understanding. By taking seminars I obtained new knowledge…and by traveling around and knowing new friends, I challenge the status quo and break free from my shell.”     

 -GMSTEC 2013 student evaluation of the ILP