GMSTEC Cooperative Research and Ph.D. Programme

GMSTEC Cooperative Research and Ph.D. Programme

by admin | 2001-11-05 00:00:00

On 29 July 2003, GMSTEC established a cooperative programme for PhD degrees based on co-supervision arrangements between its university members. The scheme has been established to provide students with access to the best expertise in their chosen areas of study and to facilitate effective co-supervision arrangements with supporting administrative and fee arrangements.

The scheme enables students to receive a PhD degree from a member university in another country with a minimum of two years study at that university. Additional study after two years may be carried out under local supervision and local tuition fees. Students may also choose to undertake just a part of their PhD studies under secondary supervision arrangements at a member university. This provides an opportunity for students to incorporate specialist knowledge and expertise into a PhD degree from their home country.

There is a requirement for a GMSTEC Cooperative PhD Protocol Agreement to be established prior to the start of each cooperative PhD programme.

Contact point for interested students:

Jeff Howe
Executive Director
Greater Mekong Subregion Tertiary Education Consortium Trust
PO Box 600
Wellington, New Zealand
Tel 64 4 463-5921
Fax 64 4 463-7419